2002 Premier Print Award  |  Printing Industries of America

"Benny Award" for Best of Category (Folders, Broadsides and Binders) 
presented to Moonlight Creative Works and Nugent Printing, Inc. in Chicago, IL.

"The Premier Print Award goes to those firms that demonstrate a unique ability to create visual masterpieces. Chosen from thousands of entries, each represents the unique partnership 
between designer and printer, need and creativity, technology and craft."
-Printing Industries of America

"A binder full of great color, with front to back balance. Four color images that were supposed to be gray came out
perfectly neutral. Perfect color matching. A flawless piece."
-Graphic Arts Monthly 














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Collateral | Binder Catalog


Photography Competition

• Tri-Community Photography Association, Covina, CA 1998
• Rhode Island School of Photography, Providence, R.I. 1982-1984